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An oral history project gathering stories from the California LGBT community

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Impact Stories began interviews in April 2008. Below are the initial interview participants.
The interviews have not yet been posted.

Dr. Marsha Epstein:
Physician, Berkeley Women's Health Collective Berkeley, CA
Founding Physician, Herself Feminist Women's Health Center, Los Angeles, CA

Kevin Thomas:
Writer, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, CA, Film Critic, Hollywood, CA

Dale Reynolds:
Actor, Hollywood, CA, Founder, Gay Actors Rap, Los Angeles, CA

Maria Dolores Diaz:
Activist, Chicano Rights Movement, Los Angeles, CA
Anti-Racisim Workshop Leader, Califia Community, Southern California

Don Norman:
Chemical Dependency Counselor, Helped integrate the Bimini Baths

Mia Yamamoto:
UCLA Law School grad, worked in the LA Public Defenders office starting in the mid 1970's when lots of arrests of LGBT people were still occurring.

Ivy Bottini:
Founder, First National Organization for Women Chapter, New York, NY
Los Angeles LGBT Rights Pioneer

Nancy Valverde:
Barber of East LA, Los Angeles, CA
Arrested many times by the LAPD for 'Masquerading.' Sometimes not 'booked in' by the LAPD so friends and family could not find her for days or weeks.

Margo Strik:
President, Southern California Women for Understanding (SCWU) Los Angeles, CA
Volunteer, ACLU Gay Rights Chapter, Los Angeles, CA

Miki Jackson:
Artist, Los Angeles, CA
Friend of Morris Kight. Early volunteer, Gay Community Services Center, Los Angeles, CA

Troy Perry:
Founder Metropolitan Community Church, early Los Angeles LGBT rights pioneer.